WIPocalypse Intro, List and Goals

Hello!  I’m SideShowMom.  If you have kids, you know life just kinda goes crazy sometimes, so ’tis true at The SideShow.  I have a 14-year-old daughter, an 11-year-old son, a hubby who is ageless and a whole house and yard full of pets.  I used to cross stitch a lot, when I lived in my dad’s house after high school. I had lots of free time on my hands and some cash from my various jobs and did that and collected a huge stash that can probably sustain me for more years.  That went on until about 1991 or so.  Then I got busy with working and living on my own and life.

Now my kids are on their way to Middle- and High school and I don’t work but for myself making stuff of various kinds and natures.  A friend passed recently and I have some of her stitching things and found a DMC Mentor kit in there and some small cross stitch kits.  I made one up after Christmas and started the Cyclamen for mentoring my daughter.  Then I started surfing cross stitch sites for the new tools, charts, folks who are doing this now.  Also I have also dug out my books, magazines, book of hand-drawn charts, supplies, stash of fabrics and finishing items, old UFOs, completed but not made into stuff designs and other goodies.  Happy hunting for charts relating to my other hobbies: I belong to the Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City and have three ponds with Koi, goldfish and various gardening bits, herbs, flowers, model horses, dog, cats, doves, tropical fish, etc.  Oh, I also play Early Music on recorders!

My list of WIPs and UFOs I’d like to get back to for this SAL:

  • Pegasus by Teresa Wentzler TWbigpegWIP1
  • the pegasus corner of Fantasy Sampler by TW  (I have to scrap this one, there is a pretty nasty hoop mark on it from the wood tannins 😥 )TWsmallpegWIP1
  • square celtic knot bag I designed MaxbagWIP1

Goals for 2014:

  • stitch for 20 minutes a day, every day.
  • complete something for the Smalls SAL every month
  • post progress for WIPocalypse every month

More as I think of it!



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