Rune Tarot Bag

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Rune Tarot Bag

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I used to do a fair amount of my own design work, originals and mash-ups using bits from other designers.  These three are mine. 

Backstitch Celtic Knotwork

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The Tarot piece was supposed to be the front of a bag for a deck.  I’d done it for my sister, but can’t read the runes anymore.  I don’t know what translation of them I used because they don’t make sense now.  I did it in 1991 over two on linen.

The knot work is backstitch and long stitch over two on linen.  I did that one sometime in the 90s, too, when I did a lot of Celtic knotwork on paper.  I’d gotten a book from a friend on doing it and found that the author’s son had done a better book on the method of construction.  I learned that and drew like crazy for several years.  This piece incorporates two large background crosses and only two paths.  Enlarge it and trace them, you’ll see!


Recorder cross stitch

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The recorder is from the late 90s, of my plastic Yamaha soprano.  I gave it a little more warmth, hinting at Ivory.  It is stitched over two on white linen.


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