February WIPocalypse Check In

The discussion topic this month is our stitching habit, whether we work on one project at a time or several and how many we are comfortable with.  In the past, I have done one at a time until I get bored or frustrated with the progress of it or find a new chart I want to do more.  I have a whole chest of UFOs that I got bored with, etc. I used to try different methods of keeping the fabric clean, too; masking tape, plastic bags and nothing.  The bags worked the best, to put the fabric in a plastic shopping bag, then the whole thing into a hoop and cut away the bag where the stitching was, no hoop marks at all.  The nothing method and the masking tape were the worst.  The hoop marks from marginally washed hands don’t come out and tape left on too long doesn’t either.  Lots of UFOs in the box with tape 😦  That doesn’t really answer the question, but explains some of the answer.  Now, I have three WIPs, the big TW Pegasus, a small card case with anime characters half done, and this TW FS pegasus. I don’t think I’ll start another until I get one of them done.  I get really focused on wanting to see it progress and don’t want to interrupt the momentum.  The Pegasus I explain in the next paragraph.  It’s enormous and gorgeous.  The card case is for my daughter with one character finished and having had the back design changed to another character from the same anime show from saying “To XXX from Mom and Dad.”  I finished the front for another SAL and will finish it after I finish the small peg.

I made an attempt at the TW Pegasus piece and actually got two stitches added to it, but had so many logistical problems (balancing the magnifier on my chest while turning the frame over and back to see getting threads started in the right place and catching tails under and cats jumping on my lap and more) that I got frustrated and put it back away.  I need an eye exam to get new contacts so I can just use a pair of readers to see stitching instead of the chest-propped magnifier that moves every time I turn my head for something or breathe.  It’s fine for small, hand-held pieces, but the big one on the scroll frame was just too much.

I did restart the small pegasus from the TW Fantasy Sampler on a new piece of linen.  The old UFO one had been left in a wooden hoop for too many years and developed a stain from the wood tannins.  I’ll claim the restart as my WIP for this month, but will finish it in time for the Teresa Wentzler Tiny SAL this month.

Another WIP that isn’t stitching, but is cross stitch related is to scan my library of charts, books and magazines.  Just for me, so I can tag and find “that” chart I’m looking for and to send to my Kindle app whatever I’m working on.  It works well for smalls.  I have two tablets and a ‘droid phone and like to use them for portable documents of all sorts; books, sheet music, stitch charts, gardening notes (in Evernote), stuff in general.  So far, I have scanned 22 books and chart leaflets.


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