TW Small SAL and Charting Software

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I finished the little pegasus corner!  Not so little and not such a small.  I learned from it; being an accomplished stitcher, I still forgot that some linens aren’t exactly even and the design will get distorted a little bit.  This design is meant to be square, the stitch count is square.  I think it turned out fine, though, for hanging on my walls.  When I stitch the unicorn corner to join it, I will make sure I use the same piece of linen, oriented the same way so the distortion is identical-ish.  I began it on February 4th and finished it on March 2nd.

I also found a freeware charting program to try out, KG-Chart LE for Cross Stitch, by Keiji Ikuta.  The Pro version is only $35 and includes permission for chart sales.  The freeware version cannot be used for resale charts, but can be used to create personal charts for printing and to try it out.  It is easy to use, so far.  I have a bunch that I made back in the 80s and 90s that I’d like to get into a chart program for distribution sometime, but can’t scratch a whole bunch of start-up cash together til the weather gets warmer for swap n shop season.  My daughter’s been busy making band bracelets to sell and has lots of clothing that isn’t her “style” and I’ll be selling crafty bits and hand-printed photographs (I used to have a darkroom).


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